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I、Educational Philosophy

      The rapid development of information technology has made a great change in human life, and it's more fully affected by the development of each academic field. The demand for numerous professional IT professionals is the trend of national economic development. In view of this, The Department of Information Technology was founded in 2005 which is approved by the Ministry of Education to bring up students with the basic theory and practical ability of information technology for the country to cultivate the grassroots professional IT professionals.

      With the social trend of fewer children and the increase of the population of the LOHAS people, all countries in the world are actively promoting the home-based, community-based, and institution-based care service model and using such methods as personnel positioning and remote monitoring, A new type of technology care services. For more than 40 years, the United States and health care education have spared no effort in promoting health care, biotechnology industries, and nutritious foods. In order to support the unique development of our university and establish the department's direction and expertise in the development of the health industry, the health industry needs "Information Technology" to be incorporated into the School of Health and Nursing in the academic year of 1999 to nurture the needs of the health industry Of IT personnel for education.


II、Course Planning and Features

      To tie in with the manpower needs in the workplace and grasp the development trend of information technology, based on the characteristics and applications of information technology, this course emphasizes the basic principles and practices of courses and combines the courses with the certificates so that students can have the ability of exams after they take courses. Students are expected to have a solid academic background after four professional technical education to adapt to the changing environment and have more practical technical skills.

     We regularly invite experts and scholars from industry and academia to hold curriculum planning committees to formulate related professional courses based on professional needs and career capabilities. This course is based on the application of three kinds of courses such as single-chip, internet, and multimedia for the development of health industry information application. In order to strengthen the development of students' professional abilities, the department joins courses related to the health industry. Under the framework of information curriculum, the development of practical application of health industry Spindle, to achieve the purpose of learning to use, Department of development features:

(i) Courses designed to meet the needs of professional competence

(ii) Practice-oriented teaching laboratory

(iii) Professional competence in line with employment needs

(iv) Diversification of knowledge development

(v) Emphasis on regional health care development



IIl、Future Development

      In line with the development of the country, in line with the needs of a healthy industrial structure, the department plans to develop a coherent curriculum that incorporates both theory and practice and enhances students' self-worth and professional competence through complete education and training. According to the curriculum design, the students who can be employed by the graduates are listed in the following table. Students who wish to pursue further studies may apply for information technology or healthcare-related research institutes both at home and abroad after graduation.


IV、Department of Information Technology Graduate Students can hold the post


Related Tasks

Representative Jobs

Embedded Systems Courses

1.Software Design

2.System Design

Computer programmer

Internet courses

1.Internet software design

2.Network management

Internet project staff

Multimedia course

1.Web Design

2.Image Processing

3.Database Development

Multimedia designer