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About Us 


The Department of Information Technology is the Cultivate capital talents of Science and Engineering.
In the balanced concept of the whole person education, strengthen the basic education of information science and engineering technology, set up courses to information practice professional skills learning-oriented, including computer and mobile device software development, digital chip-related hardware development; Professional core competence, the level covers PC-based, Web-based, digital chip and other software and firmware design, curriculum acquisition of professional competence can be applied in the Internet of Things, mobile devices, cloud systems, industrial automation systems, mobile game design, interactive Front and back end of the web system, mobile health care information systems and other related product development. The department is actively counseling students to obtain the necessary information technology in the workplace and English related professional license; also led the students to participate in professional competition outside the school, published academic papers, apply for invention patents and access to the top domestic university research institute. In order to enable students to work with the Department, the Department of cooperation with well-known domestic enterprises, set up professional practice courses, so that students can choose a year in the senior to field practice or professional in the school fine. The above practice is in line with our school "license first, employment priority" educational philosophy, so that students have the power of professional knowledge and practical ability to achieve the goal of learning.