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Professional classroom

  In order to strengthen students ability to practice and reach the teaching objective of applying what they have learned,this department sets up various professional classrooms according to the needs of curriculum and ability training to enhance students learning achievements and professional skills through practical operation. Currently, it has multimedia computer classrooms, microprocessor laboratories, internet laboratories and general e-classrooms. In the future, it will continue to purchase laboratory equipment in line with teaching and workplace needs.

The company is located in:

Existing professional classrooms:

  • Teaching Equipment:

    • Intel Core i7-4770(3.4/Turbo 3.9 GHz) 

    • 4GB DDR3

  • Support courses: 

    • computer programming

    • Data Structure

    • Object-Oriented Programming

    • database management system

    • Operating System

Microprocessor classroom:

  • Teaching Equipment: 

    • Electronic circuitry laboratory

    • Dual trace oscilloscope

    • Single crystal Experimental Development System

    • Single crystal experimenting module

    • Single crystal program execution Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator

    • Embedded System

    • Radio Frequency Identification

    • Borland C++Builder 2006 Enterprise

  • Support courses: 

    • Electronic circuit experiment

    • Microprocessor principle

    • Microprocessor experiment

    • Embedded Systems

    • Radio Frequency Identification System (RFID)

    • Special production


Network laboratory

  • Teaching Equipment: 

    • Cisco2811 Router,Equipped with 2 high-speed Ethernet interface, two serial port interface 5 units

    • Cisco Catalyst 2960 Switch 3 units.

    • Dlink DES 3026 switch 4 unit.

    • Dlink DES 3226 switch 3unit.

    • Fluke LinkRunner Network Cable Tester 1 unit.

    • Personal computer Pentium 4 CPU 2.6G RAM 512MB 50 units.

    • One Computer radio teaching equipment.

  • Support courses: 

    • Introduction to the Internet

    • Network system management

    • Network planning practice

    • Network system experiment

    • Network programming

    • Information security

    • Special production

General classroom e-equipment

  • Teaching Equipment

    • Intel Core i7-4770(3.4/Turbo 3.9 GHz)

    • 4GB DDR3

  • Support courses

    • Discrete Mathematics

    • Probability and Statistics

    • Algorithm

    • Digital Logic